Periodontists are dentists who have undergone specialist training to achieve a greater understanding and expertise in managing gum problems, receding gums, loose teeth and bleeding gums. They also cover cosmetic periodontal issues for exposed root surfaces and gum recontouring to correct irregularities and increase teeth length.

The Gracefield Dental periodontologist can take referrals for the following patients:

1) Patients with a BPE of 3 or 4 in any sextant (i.e. pockets > 3.5mm)
2) Patients who have had previous periodontal treatment but surgical treatment may be necessary (i.e. flap surgery) or further non-surgical treatment with adjunctive antibiotics
3) Patients with a high % of bleeding on probing about a low plaque index
4) Complexity 3 cases
5) Mucogingival management (I.e. recession)
6) Crown lengthening procedures

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