Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

At Gracefield Dental, we believe that the health and maintenance of the gums and associated tissues are fundamental to promoting and prolonging oral health. Gum disease is a process that takes many years to take hold, but the results are almost impossible to reverse. It is paramount to address, treat and then monitor all stages of gum disease from the early stages (marked by occasional bleeding of the gums) to advanced periodontitis (destruction of gum and bone tissue leading to premature tooth loss). Our hygienists work in conjunction with the dentist to plan and then provide tailored treatment to ensure total gum health. An initial consultation will start by allowing the hygienist to carry out a detailed and thorough examination of the gums.

This will include an assessment of the level of scale and bacteria build-up, recession, stain and plaque. The hygienists will then plan structured treatment plans tailored to your needs. Many patients require only simple scaling and polishing twice yearly to lighten teeth and reduce halitosis. More advanced conditions may require several appointments over a prolonged period to address specific periodontal problems and needs. We hope that by using experienced hygienists working together in a dental team, we can ensure that we maintain your teeth, gums and smile for many years to come.

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